Dog Handling Security Liverpool

Providing specially trained, highly effective security dogs and expert dog handling security in Liverpool and the North West.

Apex’s effective dog handling teams are specially trained to protect you, your business or special event by thoroughly searching people, vehicles and property.

Our security dog handling teams of static guards and dogs are an extremely effective visual deterrent for criminal activity. Not forgetting that the presence of security dogs can reduce the number of security guards required for many situations. Apex’s security dogs are fully trained in to search buildings and vehicles, as well as having capabilities for drug and explosives detection.

Each dog has a strong, close bond with their security dog handler resulting in an effective partnership that will deliver you the ultimate team to protect you and your business.

Dog Handling Security benefits for your business   :

  • Security dog handling teams are cost effective and can save you money
  • Guard dog handling teams can prevent and deter crime with their visible presence
  • Dogs enhanced hearing and smell can detect disturbances from long distances well before a person or cctv system

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